An Overview
Founded :- 1998
Founder :- Mr. B D Goyal
Type : Private Company
Holding Company :- Goyal Group
Headquarter :- Jogigupha (Assam)

Leading Coal Traders in India

Goyal Energy Solution (GES) is a leading name in the Coal Trading Business in north east India. The company is promoted by the Industrious Goyal family a leading diversified business house.

GES is promoted by Mr. Shimpu Goyal, a dynamic first generation entrepreneur.
Formation of Coal
Coal IndiaIt is possibly very hard to imagine how different our world was 600 to 300 Million years ago. Back in the period that coal is formed from was dominated by plant live and very little animal life.
Graphite Coal
Graphite Coal Graphite Coal is a higher grade of coal and is considered to be the highest grade of coal. It is ranked above anthracite coal.

Anthracite Coal
Anthracite CoalIs the highest in energy content and lowest in impurities of the coals that are burned. Anthracite coal is a sedimentary rock that is the hardest coal and a glossy black color.

Sub-Bituminous Coal
Sub-Bituminous CoalThis is a more variable coal than Bituminous has a higher moisture content and is subject to spontaneous combustion.

Bituminous Coal
Bituminous CoalBituminous coal is called black coal and is not as hard as Anthracite coal. It contains deposits of bitumen that is a tar like substance so this makes it softer.

Lignite Coal
Lignite CoalIs a brown colored coal that is a soft fuel with characteristics that put it somewhere between coal & peat. This coal has a carbon content of has a carbon content of around 25-35%.

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