steel grade coal
Indian Coal
Coal is one of the key industries in India. The country has a number of coal mines. Basic Types of Indian coal (from North East, INDIA) are: Indain Coal
  • Coal from Margarita (Coal India limited)
    1. Steel Grade Coal
    2. Non Steel Grade Coal
  • Coal from Meghalaya Belt
    1. Top Brown Coal
    2. Mukhain Coal
    3. Bariware Coal
    4. Surfi Coal
  • Coal from Jogigupha
    1. Nangal Coal
    2. Chanlang Coal
    3. Naga Coal
  • coal from Arunachal Pardesh Belt
    1. Kharsang Coal
    2. Aaradhara Coal
  • Coal from Nagaland Belt
    1. Nagnimora Coal
    2. Tuli Coal

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