Why GTC ?
We as a organization provide handful of services listed below:
Quality Control:
We offer trained and experienced ground staff at the railway sidings to supervise the loading process in order to minimize the incidence of foreign objects, wet coal or oversized "lumpy" coal.
Shortage Minimization:
We ensure necessary preventive measures to keep shortages to an absolute minimum. "Shortage" refers to the difference between billed quantity and received quantity. This could arise in the normal course of loading, or from other factors like theft during transit.
Freight Pre-Payment:
We make railway freight payments on behalf of consumers, in case opted for this service. This enables consumers to save railway surcharges - 10% at present. Additionally, pre-paid rakes tend not to get diverted and reach their destination within TAT.
We offers to buy E-auction rakes on behalf of consumers that require coal. E-auction is a relatively new system for the purchase of coal rakes offered by Coal India Ltd. E-auction facility is particularly useful for public and private sector consumers that do not have existing Linkage/FSA agreements with CIL & want best of assured particular quantity and quality.
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